Fantasy and Superhero Costumes

Peter Pan fantasy costume, created by Marci Heiser, near Denver, Colorado

I created this “Steampunk Peter Pan” costume. It was designed by him, from a sketch, for a special event.

Evel Knievel fantasy costume, by Marci Heiser, near Denver, Colorado
My client did bicycle rides as Evel Knievel for kid’s charities. I made this from photos of the daredevil.
Dressing this statue, for a company picnic, must have been even harder than sewing for it! Luckily not my job!
My client gave me photos as references to follow. I’m told this is a character from a video game. Note the applique of the gold design.

I created these fantasy costumes for an independent film. They were made of vinyl, created from original sketches by their designer. There was quite a lot of detail and the costumes had to be functional, for the film. Vinyl is very challenging to work with!

For “Northstar”, I started with a purchased black catsuit. I added the white patches, copying the sketches.

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