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Historical Costumes - Champaign-Urbana

Here is a 1920’s flapper dress, with beaded fringe around the neckline.

This style is known in the U.S. as “Colonial”, and “Georgian” in the U.K. 

I created these Renaissance outfits from her choice of design and fabric.

This Regency dress, spencer (short jacket), and bonnet were fashioned from a painting, created during the 1820’s. 

A costume for a woman dressed as Cleopatra, for a historical contest. She made the crown and I created the dress & cape.

A twelve-foot statue, at Denver West, was outfitted as a cowboy, for the retirement party of a local CEO. 

The 1940’s dress & hat were made from patterns. I designed the short jacket to go with it, for warmth.

This actress is playing the first female baseball player, in a reenactment that she does for women’s groups. 

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