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About Victorian Costumes

The Victorian era spanned from the 1830’s to the 1890’s, in the U.K. and other colonies of the British empire.

Victorian costumes involve the various trends that emerged, during that time. There were many changes in styles, the technology that was used to create garments, plus methods of selling and buying them.

Some features that define Victorian costumes are corsets with boning, low-shoulder necklines, fitted sleeves, crinolines, and bustles.

Hats and gloves were also required, for the sake of propriety. You’ll see some hats, in the pictures on this page. Please see the hats page, for more examples.

Victorian costumes Champaign-Urbana

Victorian costume balls are a great place to dress up and be with fellow Victorian enthusiasts. The blue print gown (on the right) was made from a pattern. The other two gowns were repurposed from strapless special occasion dresses.

Victorian Costumes Champaign-Urbana

This picture was also taken at a Victorian costume ball. I made the gold gown, as well as the black jacket and skirt that I’m wearing. 

Victorian costumes - Champaign-Urbana

This was an 1880’s couple. I used the same fabric to make her dress and his vest. The coat, vest and dress were all made from patterns.

Victorian ballgowns with hoop skirts, made from the same pattern. One is more simple, to suit the woman’s style, with piping to flatter her figure. One is more embellished, with white lace on the bodice, hem & the edges of the sleeves, plus beaded fringe.

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