Original Wedding Gowns

wedding gowns by Marci Heiser, seamstress near Champaign-Urbana
wedding gowns by Marci Heiser, near Champaign-Urbana

The simple wedding gown has a lace overdress, to mimic a reversed train.

I used a picture, that the bride had chosen, to design and create this Renaissance wedding gown. I added a few changes that she wanted and had bought trim for. 

alternative wedding gowns, by Marci Heiser, seamstress near Denver, Colorado

This is a wedding gown fashioned from a picture that we saw on the internet. The wedding was all black and white, with the bride in red. The train all bustled into the back of the skirt!

A very colorful wedding dress, inspired by a design from a Star Wars movie. I did the dyeing, as well as the construction. 

This is a Renaissance-style royal blue crushed velvet wedding dress, designed and created for a Colorado bride.

Wedding Gown Alterations

I do many alterations to wedding gowns, such as taking in side seams, shortening shoulder straps, making necklines more snug, adjusting hems, moving the skirt up at the waist, even creating a corset back that laces, instead of zipping.

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