Costume Design & Sewing

How Does this Work?

Are you looking to have a costume designed for an event, theatrical production, or other purpose?

I have been trained to design and make costumes, for theater. I can create with nothing more than a sketch or a vision. I am a master at making patterns, to the actor’s or client’s measurements, that will result in the proper style lines. This includes cutting the fabric, stitching, and doing appropriate fittings, to create the finished garment. 

Because of my long experience in theater and vast library of history of fashion books, I’ve stolen all the best style and color ideas, so I can design my own, if needed!

What Kind of Costumes Can I Create?

I specialize in Victorian costumes. I also make Edwardian, Steampunk, and other historical costumes, of any century. I design superhero and fantasy costumes, for events like Comicon. And, of course, I create for theater and dance productions. Please click on the slider to go to the gallery, which highlights these styles.









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