Restyling & Embellishing



Costumes don’t necessarily need to be created, from start-to-finish. Did you know that basic pieces can be restyled, to make them reflect a certain style or historical period? I love restyling, because it’s fun, easy, and eco-friendly. In addition, it’s a more budget-friendly option for my customers. 


I am in the process of creating many restyled outfits, from my vast collection of thrift store finds. They will soon be available in my Etsy shop.

Let’s Work Together

You can also send me your basic pieces, to be modified. And, if you’re crafty, I can teach you how to do your own restyling.

restyling and embellishing - Victorian costume - before
restyling and embellishing - Victorian costume - after

Restyling Example

This green gown that I bought needed a bigger waist and longer hem. So, I added a center back modesty panel, under the lacing, let out the skirt waist, added green fabric to the hem, covered the stains on the white skirt with curtain swags, and added fringe. These are some of the alterations that can be done, to restyle a garment!

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