Marci’s Magical Gifts

“I came across Marci’s magical gifts several years ago. Among many other things, she made me a Steampunk Peter Pan costume, as well as an X-Men costume. Both were absolutely perfect.

Marci is a delight to work with. Her creations are truly amazing. Everything was on point and right on time. The Steampunk Peter Pan costume rocks the room every time I wear it!

There simply isn’t anyone I would even consider going to because I know for a fact that what Marci makes will be flawless and I will have a total blast working with her, the whole time!”

Radleigh Valentine
Best Selling Hay House Author and Speaker


Dear Marci,

On behalf of Community Resources, Inc., I thank you for mentoring Emma Dahl. I know your schedule is a busy one and I appreciate you taking time to spend with her.

I was so impressed with the gown that Emma made and so grateful for the knowledge you shared with her. I hope to have the opportunity to work with you in the future. Thank you for your support!”

Kind Regards,

Laura Kent

Exceptional Quality of Work

“Marci has helped us bring multiple costumes to life, over the years, and we’re SO glad we found her!

We needed someone who would love and care as much about the little details, as we do, and we’ve always walked away with something truly special to show for it.

Marci’s experience and knowledge were invaluable to us, the quality of her work is exceptional, and she’s always been fantastic to work with.

We’ve already referred several friends to her and will always turn to Marci for future projects!”

~ Jenna & Dave 


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